Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Overview Of 2014

Hey Guys! It has been quite a while since I last update my blog! Happy Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! Currently, I was busy helping for my family business and also this year I'll be studying Diploma In Mass Communication at INTI International College Penang. Today I'm going to blog about my Overview Of 2014. 

2014 is a sad year for Malaysian as many things happened. Some of the news I knew it early in the morning when I woke up. So, it's like a Heart Attack everytime you heard bad news..... Example:
-MH370 went missing over the Indian Ocean (Which is still missing now)
-MH 17 Destination to Kuala Lumpur (MAS) shot down over Ukraine (No Survivors)
-Sabah Kidnapping & Attacks by Pirates
-Collapse of Underground Tunnel of Jalan Pudu-Jalan Hang Tah (Making Huge Jams and Delays of Monorails!) *PS: I was there too!
-Malaysian Badminton Player Dato' Lee Chong Wei failed Doping Test during Competition (Heard that he won't be able to compete for the next OG) *Maybe I need to check that again*
-Flash Floods of Northern & Eastern States of Malaysia (Cleaning In Progress)
-Air Asia Flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore went Missing and was found after Hours of Searching (They believed that there are no Survivors)

For me, 2014 is a year of Adventure! 

3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!!!! 2014 is my 1st year leaving High School life and have some changes in my life. After my SPM, I started searching around to see if there's a place for me to go and I decided to work for my parents while waiting for my SPM results. At the same time, I'm having fun learing new things and going out with friends. Who? My Best Friend of course! She's Chittana (A Pretty Thai Lady With A Beautiful Smile) Here's a picture of our outing day 

Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition is always the best part for the year because we could have day off after that! MSSPP RG is usually held on March and before competition we spent days training and preparing until when it's show time, we will play whole day and all day long! I really love them very much because I don't feel stresses training with them :)

My Gym-mates and I (At her house before training)

After Receiving our Medals (Senior level Gymnasts)

A close up picture with Chia Li

State Team Members (I guess)

After Competition is always fun with them

Candid shot (While I don't know what am I doing)

My Little Darling, Melissa 

After Receiving my Medals

Our Group Photo with ourCoach

The little Malay Girl in my class

Medals on the Floor! Before I retire! Last Competition Too!

After that it's my Big Day! SPM Results are out!!! Managed to get good results and time to continue my studies! My hard work paid off and I'm happy for that. So, I did not take photos in my school except 1. With My best friend/ high school partner Lovice. When I was taking my results I don't dare to have a look! Serious! Finally I see it, I cried..... Because it's better then I expected! 

Me and my best friend Lovice (When I'm sad, she's always by my side)

When I got home and change, I'm still happy!)

That day is also the day my mom went to the hospital for her check ups so here am I taking this picture with this Cute Teddy Bear located in the Children's Ward.

Anyone Loves Pizzas? Gymnasts Do! These are the food that we eat during training! That makes Gymnasts FAT FAT FAT!!!But we love it anyways..... When the Coaches are not aroud (Of Course)

After having my SPM results, Here I am! Getting Ready To Be A Cabin Crew! (I'm still to young so I'm not choosen) Wasting my whole year DREAMING TO BE A CABIN CREW! If I've studied my diploma I'm going to graduate in this December! I guess I took the wrong step, but I never regret! I learned a lot of things and have lots of adventure! 

I dreamed to be a SIA Cabin Crew (Singapore Airlines) until now and never change

My Coursemates (Only Some)

Here are we! Using The Slide Raft! (For Safety Procedure)

Jetstar Cabin Crews! Left to right (Chai, Alan and Eugene)

Make Up In Progress with my coursemates

During my first Interview! (Air Asia)

Our Visit to a Airline Training Center

We successfully Sliding down the Slide Raft!

Jetstar Interview In Singapore!

Final Project of FAPC 

Met Melissa during break time

When it's time for photos! (Sorry I can't post up too many photos for this)

I really like camps and I went 2 camps this year! Camping is a part of my life since I was young! Well, I will just post pictures without words because it's group photos :D

Other than that I have also gone to some places and here are the photos! It might be a little messy! Sorry! Because I don't know how to put them in titles because the suites for many titles >.<

Escape Theme Park with my friend is always fun! 

Escape Room with my Camp friends! But the title we played almost Freak me out!

Kuala Lumpur for Interview during the last day of FIFA World Cup

We have to travel for Food!! (Previous Post)

Kuala Lumpur again with Jazzy and Vivienne)

Then..... There's a crazy girl with nothing to do!

Genting while waiting for my Mom doing the shopping!

2nd Sister's 21st Birthday! (Left First)

Me with my Besties Chittana (Before her NS)

Back to School Canteen Day!

When I realised I'm Shorter then the BOW!

Last Day in KL with ChowSze

Royal Bintang Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Selfie)

My Christmas Presents!

What's that? My Christmas Present of course! :)

Hello Kitty Is Always our Fav!!

The Boy who tied my Shoelaces! 

My Christmas Present! (Love it!)

Cousins Reunion!

When 1600 Pandas visits Penang, Malaysia!

When your Friend is our dad's friend's Son!

Singapore City Hall View!

Hello Kitty Everywhere!

PBC-YA friends!

While having my visit in Singapore Vivo City!

Always Smile after you failed something!

My KL Roommate (During my 1 night stay)

Sunway Pyramid Visit with friends!

Merry Christmas! 

Guess who I meet!!! It's Ella from S.H.E! 

During Birthday Party (25/12/14)

School Senior and Best Friend!

I'm the only Penang Girl! Grace's Farewell

When it's Chinese New Year!

When I'm having Fun!

Girls with make up after Interview!

When Bowling Gets A Little Too Serious For A Gymnast!

Coffee Bene at Gurney Paragon 

Kuala Lumpur!

Granny's Birthday

Breakfast after Interview

Selfie with 1600 Pandas

After my car test!

Outing with Birthday Girl

Met Senior back from Denmark

While all Coursemates are on the plane!

Friend= dad's friend's Son! 

2014 has been a great year for me and I hope 2015 will be better! Sorry for my messy blog post because it's 1:21am now and I have Orientation Day for College tomorrow!!! So, I'll stop here ;)

Have been a lazy Blogger... Will try to blog more often starts from today.
Bye! See You In My Next Blog Post! Cheers!!

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  1. Hi, merry christmas and happy new year!
    good luck for your dream. dont give up!
    enjoy your new life in college! ^^

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  7. It was a sad year with a lot of mishap but glad yours was an adventure. Congrats to on passing your SPM and winning your medals. You seemed to have a blast in 2014.

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    Interesting! Your course mate looks beautiful too xD
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    May we do better in 2015 ^^

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    ups and downs are part of life.
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    but you had a superb 2014! so much fun experiences!

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  22. Gee! You ought to be congratulated for a great 2014! Wishing that 2015 is way better and way more successful for you, kudos for your gymnastic achievements:)

  23. Gee! You ought to be congratulated for a great 2014! Wishing that 2015 is way better and way more successful for you, kudos for your gymnastic achievements:)

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  41. This seems like you'd an awesome 2014 :) Lovely pictures x

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