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Taiwan Study Trip

Hey guys! How are you? About 2 weeks since I last update my my Blog! Guess what? JanJan's back from Taiwan trip organised by INTI International Collage's Mass Communication (SOCAL) course! I'm so excited since 1 month ago before the trip! This is JanJan's first trip with collage friends! 8 days and 7 nights with my bunch of Mass Comm friends, gaining memories and expanding our Mass Family to worldwide (Taiwan) and (Singapore this September)!

 On the 5th of April, early in the morning at 5am! Because we must reach the Airport at 6am! Penang International Airport (PIA)'s Oldtown is full of INTI Mass Comm students due to waiting for Checking In our luggage! After that the Boarding Gate is full of our "family" members too! After boarding, all of us starts sleeping and etc! With some members starts eating and even request alcoholic drinks! (Cabin Crew requested for a glance of His IC too!) After transit at Hong Kong we finally arrived in Taipei, Taiwan after 4 hours and 30 minutes in the aircraft! JanJan feels dizzy during the second flight! *Picture Time!* Sorry if the messy arrangement AGAIN! >.<

Our "Room" for the first day! Space Inn

The best Mee Suah at "Xi Men Ding" Night Market!

It's Pork Intestine!

Another Room view! We slept with some Korean Girls!

These are our bunks! 

Getting this Name Card! With my name on it! Yup! My real name is Tan Li Min!

During Boarding to Taipei, Taiwan!

The second Meal on board!

Milk Tea at 40Yuan!

Landing at Hong Kong

They came to pick us up! Susan and Great!

I love this shot!

On air!

Reaching Hong Kong very soon ;)

Hot and Spicy Fish Balls!

Ready to go!

Transit @ Hong Kong!

Best Mee Suah ever!

Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Our Mass Family without SID

Ready to go Taiwan!

Above the Ground Level! Above about 20000ft

First Meal on board!

Reaching Taipei, Taiwan!

During the second day, we went to the Whiskey Factory, making Ox-Shaped Cookies, and  ShihLinNight Market! This day we changed to the other hotel! CU Hotel! We were in this Hotel for 5 days and 4 nights! Marina, Jeeva and Jeannie are my roommates for these few days! We woke up as early as 6am to use the wash room! Ended up walking to the nearest 7-11 for some food! Hehe..... Because we are going to check in to the original hotel we're in (CU Hotel) we packed up our things and leave from Space Inn. Sorry that I don't have pictures in CU Hotel. *Picture Time!* Sorry for the messy arrangement of picture.

Bought my New Nike!!! 

Big Chicken!! 

Whisky Factory!

The making of Whisky!

Bubble Tea!

This is the Ox-Shaped Cookies!

ShihLin Night Maket!

Making of the Cookies!

I'm Here! 


My "Prize!"

Having Japanese Food in Taiwan!

Whisky Ice Cream!

Warning! Bad service in this Shop at ShihLin Night Market!

Ready for Day 2 journey!

Veggi Steamboat

Curry rice at "Cha Bu Duo" Restaurant!

My Prizes!

Cheers at Whisky Factory

Guess what's this?

My Ox-Shaped Cookies

Group photo with my Tablemates

Peanuts "TOUFU"

Pineapple tarts

Taiwan Shaped Boxes

Me and my "Work"


Walking at ShihLin Night Market

Cookies Shop I guess?


Deep Fried Squid!

Whisky Factory!

For Day 3, it's University Visit, Memorial Hall, Shopping, Taipei 101 and Night Market (Not sure which night market is it) This day we walked the whole day and using MRT! Fun experience and memorable! Shih Chien University (Hope I get the name right) welcomed us with dance "Xiao Ping Guo" so we perform "Up Town Funk"! This day it's quite tiring but I really enjoy! *Picture Time!* Sorry for the messy arrangement!

University Performance

Me at Memorial Hall!

Hey New Shoes!

Taipei 101 on my hands ;)

View of Taipei from Taipei 101

Crazy me!

Picture with Taipei 101

Cultural House of Taiwan


Lucky Gift by the University

Me with Taipei 101

Group Photo at University!

Big Basketball Court they have!!

Lucky me on stage!

Normal Post with Taipei 101

Congrats to me?

Becky.... I miss you!!

Group Picture!


Group Ticket 

Taipei 101

Welcome with INTI Student!

Taipei 101

Shopping for Face Masks!

Dinner! Hot Plate 


Day 4 in Taipei! Jiu Fen, Shi Fen, and ShihLin Night Market again!! The weather is warm in the morning but COLD in the afternoon!! *Picture Time* Sorry for the messy Pictures!

Me at Jiu Fen!

Jiu Fen!

Shi Fen!

"Fan Tuan"!

Shi Fen with Gwen


Jiu Fen View!

Hand Warmer!

Jiu Fen! (Picture by Marina)

Picture by Marina!

Me in the morning!

Day 5! Last day in Taipei! "Tan Shui" and shopping with Taiwan Students and our Mass Babes! Everything goes smooth and steady! *Picture Time!* Sorry for the messy pictures...


By Marina

A treat from Marina

Still by Marina >.<

Tan Shui in The afternoon

Nice view from here!

Day 6, leaving to Kaohsiung! Seriously.... I missed them so much.... Becky, Great, Susan and Catherine sent us to the airport with Jess and Mandy accompany us to Koahsiung. We stay at a "Epic" Hotel! EX Hotel! With Glass doors in the bathroom and glass windows! Thanks to the University students from Koahsiung whom accompany us to the Night Market! Sorry that I forgot their names.....

Ticket to Kaohsiung!

Welcome to Kaohsiung!

My room view!

Our Beds!




Table at our room!

My Fav Brand!

Ticket to Taipei Main Station

Saying bye to them...

My bathroom!


Day 7 at Taiwan, Koahsiung! Having a great time! Sitting the baby train and all the fun stuffs! 
*Picture Time!*
Pier 2

By Marina!

Photoboom by tour guide

British Council


The Man!

My Luggage full of stuffs!

Fail Photograph by Tour Guide!

Long way to go....

British Council Door!


Day 6 outfit! >.<

Arranged lunch!

Work Hard ;)

Hey! My Lady!

Group Photo @ Koahsiung!


View of the Sea!

The Women!



Day 6 when we're leaving....


Pier 2!

The "Chock" Doggie!

Home is Ahead!

Becky!!! I miss you :(

No Fishing?

Epic Fail by tour guide again!

Back Shot!

Captain Janice!

Me with Doctor!

Red Bricks!

Me ;)

Telling us the flower thing?

Day 8...... Going back to Penang....  Kinda mixed up some pictures! >.<  

View to Hong Kong!

How Penang Welcome us....

Storm and Rain...

Luggage of mine....

Going to Hong Kong....

Meal to Hong Kong....


Pineapple tart!

Bye Jess and Mandy...

Boarding Pass...

Bye again....

Ready to say Good Bye.....

Bye Jess.....

Bye Mandy...

After coming back from Taiwan. Here am I! Audition for INTI FM! Road to become a DJ I guess? Teehee..... 

DJ Janice in da House!

Guys.... I guess I'm going to stop here ;) Bye readers! Hope you like my journey to Taiwan and also this post ;) Because I promise, it's an adventure ;) See you guys next time! Bye!!

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