Sunday, May 17, 2015

Study Day at Brown Pocket

Hey Guys! I'm back! College is kinda busy making me leak of time to blog and somehow finish my assignment! That's how busy am I, seriously. JanJan spent the whole day in Brown Pocket for completing all the assignment given and deadline is coming soon! Kinda suffer at the beginning and finally almost done! So, how's your day?

Brown Pocket is one of the famous Cafe in Penang! It is located at Penang Gurney Paragon. Ps: I know one of the young bosses ;) This place is a famous spot because lots of Bloggers example JaneChuck and Ms. Kuan visited. Other than that, it is because of the crowd of teenagers likes to choose Brown Pocket as their study spot just like me!

So let me share some of the pictures I got!
Ps: Mostly are the same things in different angles!

Mango and Mixed Berries Yogurt 

Triple Chocolate with Honey Milk

Triple Chocolate Waffle

Vanilla Latte

Brown and Pink? 

Red Valentine

Getting ready to start studying!

Ready to study!

Mixed Berries Yogurt!


My pinkish Red Valentine!! 

Table Number!

So, here's some pictures of the environment (From the internet)!

I guess that's all! Wanna know that if the food taste nice? Drop down and have a try, you'll know after that ;)

Details: Alfresco Area, Level 6, Lot 11, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250, Penang.
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm Daily
Contact Number: 04-2189668
Instagram: Brownpocketcafe

I'm going to stop here! Bye Guys! Please leave a comment so that I can know your feedback! Thank you! :D

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Monday, May 4, 2015

College Life! (First Semester)

Hey Guys! Many of JanJan's readers e-mailed me asking about my daily routine as a College Student! Well, as a Mass Communication Student we don't have a fixed daily routine but having huge adventures! I'm very happy that I chose a RIGHT path for myself! So, JanJan's going to reply all the questions now ;) 

Questions: (Hope you guys [The ones asking] will read these)
*"Re" means reply from me

1. How was your timetable in college, is it full?
Re: Not really, For Sem 1 I only have class in the Morning and early afternoon. Except Monday.  Example: Monday 1pm-5pm, Tuesday/Thursday 10am-2pm & Wednesday 8am-12pm. Day off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! But sometimes we have events! 

2. As a Mass Communication Students, do you need to meet people for Interviews?
Re: Yes! I got my first interview assignment on the 5th day of Class! Means the first week in College! It's fun to gain the first experience as a "Journalist"! 

3. What was the main requirements to be a Mass Communication Student?
Re: Hmm..... For the Basics for Malaysian Students: 3 Credits and Pass in Sejarah (History) & Bahasa Malayu (Bahasa Malaysia) As for International Students: Higher/Upper Secondary School Certificate (12 Years of schooling) or Secondary School Certificate (10 Years of Schooling). If you meet the following requirement, let's proceed to the next one! That's Hardwork, Be on TIME, Be Prepared, Outgoing & Active! 

Okay.... Finished replying the questions! Now, Let's begin! I started my college life on the 12th of January 2015 (This Year), Orientation on the 6th of January (If I'm not mistaken!) So here are the pictures! There were some Pictures Jumping AROUND!! Sorry for the Messy Pictures...

DSLR as my Birthday Present because of my Photography Class! It also grant my wish because having a DSLR is in my Wishlist since I was 13!

Other than that, I had my ECCE exam last year (English) Getting good Grades is my Target and I'm Happy to achieve my goal! Now I'm a ECPE student!  ECPE is also known as CAE! 

What's this? This is my candid shot during INTIMA January Camp 2015! They got a perfect timing shot of me! I love this shot very much! Guess what's my Group Name? ANACONDA

In College, we had a group named "Too Cool" and that's US! Taken during our Photography Outing!

Hot Air Balloon Festival! Going to this event because of my Assignment for Photography and Journalism! Two Birds with one Stone achieved! xD

This is my first photo in my DSLR! First shot ever!

This is the first time I go for Lunch with my college friends before heading back to College for class! TeeHee! We're late on that day... Lol... But fun experience! 

Finally achieved my "Body Mist and Perfume Goal!" From Bath And Body Works, to Victoria Secret and Bath & Glory! This is Crazy but guess what? These are the gifts from my friends! Christmas Gifts and Birthday Gifts!

Guess what?! I'm in the website of INTI! 

The Moonlight Cafe supporting us during our Heritage Race Game!

First Success Make up after my Bonding! 

My first News Broadcast look! Good Experience! But nearly Nailed it!

Tropfest! Short Film Festival South East Asia!

First Splits in College with the Lions during CNY!

Photo shooting section!

The Lion Attack me!!!!

Best shot of the lions!

Mass Communication Red Carpet! #IICPMassComm #NoPressure xD

The first successful Fireworks shot during the Jade Emperor's Birthday!

Team ANACONDA Wefie during Heritage Race!

A special Gift on my Birthday!

Having a cup of Starbucks after knowing a Nailed a job of mine on a HOT DAY!

DJ Experience is always fun, but be sure you have at lease 40% of Talent in this!

My EPIC adventure to Kuala Lumpur alone!

Semicon Duty with a Senior!

Releasing the lanterns with Gwen in Taiwan, Shi Fen!

New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream is always a good choice!

My first International Friend in College!

Ready for Taiwan!

Group Photo in Hong Kong! Transit to Taiwan, Taipei

Good experience in College for the First Month! Met many of the directors of Short Film, actors and also Comedian!

Attending a Charity event in Automall on the 1st of May!

Outing with my Seniors with 1 Junior!

Reezlyn, Herms Model! She's also my Student during Rhythmic Gymnastics for 2 years!

Semicon duty as a Model @sPICE 

Selfie before duty!

Hasha and me! One of my Rhythmic Gymnastics student!

Outing with my Seniors!

Successful shot of my desert at The Mugshot Cafe

My mom and me during our Dating after 2 years!

Talk from "Lee Studio"

Our Lectures visits us during our duty at sPICE, Semicon

DJ Audition! DJ Janice (JanJan) in da House!

My First CF!

Taiwan Memories!

After Semicon Post! Yay! Got paid!

ShiFen, Taiwan. A must visit spot!

A nigth with Yuni as a Photographer!

Marina and Yuni! Seniors! 

Jess and Mandy.... Missed them so much.....

Dinner with besties!

Sem 2 First Day!

Wesak Day Visit!

Guess who are these Celebrities!

Guards during Semicon! Great team with Them!

CF Gathering during Easter Day on 1st of April!

TanShui! Good view and Food! Shot from Marina

Wefie with my fish-eye lens bought from Taiwan!

Too happy with all these Ice Cream!

Model Post during Semicon!

Sem 2 first day at IICP I-Mac lab!

Get paid! RM 180! Well, it's not much but I met lots of good companies that want to hire me!

Only shot with Taipei 101!

2nd batch of International friends I got in College!

3D Art coffee and Hot Cocoa!

Wesak Day Routine!

Valentine's Day Shocked when the guys pass me the ROSE!

Group Photo of our INTI Semicrew!

Hi Teddy! My Idol!

That's all for my stories of College for the First Semester with the beginning of Second Semester! Dream of becoming a Mass Communication Student like me? Visit now for more information! 

Well, I guess I'm stopping now! Heehee.... Having a long post today! I guess I'm a lazy Blogger? Updated my blog once a month, I'm really sorry because of that but Seriously..... College life is full of fun and assignment sometimes I don't have the time to blog. But from now on I'll try my best to blog at lease once a Week! Can't Promise but I'll try my best! Hope you guys love my blog.

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