Saturday, March 21, 2015

Adventure To Kuala Lumpur!

Hey Guys! It has been a long time since I last updated my blog! After about 2 months, here goes! Today's topic is about my adventure to Kuala Lumpur (KL) all ALONE! Friends said that I'm very BRAVE because KL is quite dangerous for a girl. (Not to say anything about KL, just.... Everyone say that). For myself, what I can say is I'm quite EPIC to decided to start this Crazy journey! It's actually for study purpose (For your info it's not from INTI College, as you guys know I'm now currently studying in INTI International College [IICP]. But NOPE! Not by INTI) I'm going to write until my journey in KLIA 2 Departure because I'm now currently waiting for Boarding at 9:15pm (P/S: Yes, I'm crazy! I've been here since 4:20pm! No choice, because I'm scared that I'll miss my flight!)

I'm going to start now. My first day of my journey is on the 19th of March. I nearly missed my flight because it's quite early. I didn't Check-In my luggage (But I have one), I rushed to the Departure Hall hoping that I won't miss my flight! Thank God! I was so lucky that I made it before the Gate opens! I travel by Malindo Air during my Arrival at KLIA 2. After touching down safely, I started this adventure! I went to Pavillion, Berjaya Times Square, KLCC, Lot 10, Sungai Wang, Mid Valley and Nu Sentral (I stayed at that area).

This post will end after I reached KLIA 2 during the 3rd day because I'm currently waiting for my flight back to Penang! And also, sorry for the messy arrangement of the photos...

PSU (If I'm not mistaken)

Arriving!!!! KLIA 2
Boarding KLIA Express

Washroom in KLIA Express

Railway Tracks

Hotel Sentral

Ladies Only Coach

Nail Spa by myself

Berjaya Times Square

VIP Coach of KLIA Express

Messy room 

Washroom of KLIA Express


The Train Arrived!

Ready to start my journey!

During my Day 2 in KL, trust me.... It's a crazy adventure.... After having class in the morning, I went to Mid Valley, after that I went all the way to INTI University at Nilai! By LRT and Bus! Well, as always I'm going to share out my adventure using photos/pictures.

INTI University Nilai (IU)

On the Bus

Girls only zone

Believe it? In INTI University

Bowling Rink

Journey to Nilai

KLCC at Night

Night View

Again.... IU

On the way to IU

KL Sentral Station




Safetu First 


Girls only AGAIN

KLCC at Night


Day 3 is quite mainstream because I've nothing to do! So.... Guess what?! I reached the airport at about 4:20pm! 

Pavillion to buy my sis's clothes

Lunch of mine

Office Wear?

This is the Day 1 picture!! Hehe....

Met a new Friend in the Airport Just now 

Formal look

Waiting for the Train...


Waiting for Departure at KLIA 2 

Reading my Book before I started blogging

A unique basin!

So, I guess I'll stop here and wow! It's 7:46pm now! Getting ready for boarding and carving for Dinner soon! Bye guys! Hope you like my post today! As Promise, it's an adventure. See you guys next time! Bye!

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