Saturday, November 5, 2016

Signing Off For The Last Time

Hey Gems! It has been a long time since I last Blogged! How's everything going on? Any new stories to share? For me, I'm a Former Cabin Crew now. Resigned my job as a Cabin Crew o the 5th of August 2016 to continue my studies because I found out that I'm really to young to work full time! At least to study for about 2 more years will do!

Being a Cabin Crew is always my dream, but I think studies is more important to me now. I regret I stopped my studies back in INTI College Penang. But it has passed, so now it's going to be a new start.

During the past 1 year, I used to think about the path I'm walking. Being a crew is fun because you could travel to lots of places but actually, it's quite lonely. As a young Cabin Crew, I've cried in the lavatory (Aircraft Washroom) for multiple times as I'm still not used to on board. Life isn't easy as a Cabin Crew because of the flight time, stressed and tiredness you'll have. 

Being a Scootee is fun! After a month I feel that I'm much more comfortable onboard! And I look forward for more and more flights! I met lots of passengers and crew, I've listened to different family, travelling stories. Friendly passengers that gave us gifts and food. 

Stepping into the 3rd month after flying, I missed flying so much! But life goes on! Maybe this is going to be the last post taking about Cabin Crew at the moment. Let's see what will happen after my studies 2-3 years later!

So, I'm going to stop here :) Hope you guys enjoy this post! See you guys soon! Leave a comment below ;)

JaniceeeeTan (JanJan) <3