Tuesday, July 28, 2015

IICP Nerf Camp! (July Season!)

Hey Guys! How's going readers or should I call "Jams"? Teehee.... Jams, thanks for the e-mails I've received these 2 months and of course replied! First of all, JanJan wants to apologise for "MIA" (Missing In Action) for more than 2 months! So... JanJan's reason is because of the leak of time completing all the assignments, presentation and preparation for another camp that was held at Batu Ferringgi on the 20th to the 23rd of July! Sorry Jams! After that, JanJan's having a good news for Jams! JanJan's having a give away section with special gifts! How to join? Just send me an e-mail with your Name, Nationality, Phone Number (For Malaysians). With the question, "How often do you visit JanJan's Blog and how can she improve? Which post do you like most in 2015 and why? What's JanJan's blogging style? Why do you wish to win the prize?" Please be creative in this because JanJan will choose 5 winners and will send you the gift after the due date which is on the 1st of September 2015. Why having this Give Away? Because JanJan owns her first DOMAIN! You can now visit both www.janiceeeetan.com & www.janiceeeetan.blogspot.com ! JanJan's very happy because of owning a domain is one of the wishlist since 2012 (The day JanJan starts blogging)

So! Let's get into the main topic! Nerf Camp! Wait, What?! Seriously? JanJan went for Nerf Camp?! Hehe.... It's quite shocking, right Jams? I did! It's quite fun actually. We played games almost the whole day! Good for an active girl like me! Games includes Capture The Flag, Juggernauts, Human VS Zombies (p/s: JanJan had asthma during this game...Lol...) and the one I liked most! Amazing Race aka Heritage Trail! Jams from IICP should come and have a try ;) Here comes JanJan's blogging style! Pictures! Hahaxxxx..... JanJan knows that you Jams are tired from reading all those long posts... So... Here goes :)

Day 1! Well, Quite simple but FUN!

JanJan with her friend :) p/s: Playing with the gun the first time!!

Hey Team! They are good!!!

Hmm.... Hunger Games? Hahaxxxx..... Maybe ;)

Hey! JanJan's playing with the gun! Keep Out! Dangerous People Here! xD

After Games group wefie!

Here's JanJan's Team! Cheer!!!

JanJan's Cabin Bag Finally In Use After Soooooooooo Long~~

Hey Team Rocky!! (Used for Capture The Flag)

Used for Juggernauts and VIP

1 team member missing! xD

Hey! We passed Day 1!

Draw Bro! Draw!!!! Hey Shawn the Sheep :D

Let's do some hard warm-ups! 

Day 2! Adventure, Teamwork & Fearless! Please don't e-mail JanJan asking that why JanJan becomes darker because the answer is right below! p/s: JanJan's sad for her uneven and burned skin tone at the moment.... Sad... Come my dear, they said it will be fun! This should be the scariest night marked in my Camping history Since 2008! 2011 CLB Peer Camp was on the top of the list for 4 years and here's the new record! July Nerf Camp's Human VS Zombies! 

Scientist Zombie! (Seriously Scary!)

Heritage Trail! Finding the Ball!!

Hey! We found one more!

Before the game begins!

The child on the wall? Hehe...

Having a pair of sharp eyes like Ady is always a good thing! :D

Dragon with the "Pearl Ball"

St. Paul's Church? (Not So Sure)

Reggae Mansion! 

Guess What? Finding this is the best!!! Scream in Joy! Hehe... Hastag (#) JanJan Style!! Hehe...

Noble Hotel? Nope! Just a High Class Hotel!

The 1st station we went through

Floating Bicycle? Nope... We're wrong....

Supper at 1am++ Fat JanJan >.<

Hey! We found "The Star Newspaper"!!

Transformers! Not in the list... Hehe...

Found You!!!! Roommates!

Hey! Coconut!

Just a random picture

Hey! We found one more objective!

Floating Bicycle? Nope... WRONG AGAIN!

JanJan's Coke and Grape IceBall! Cost MYR 5.50 each!

Wefie Queen of the day! xD

Finally! Noble Hotel!!

Not on the list! Hehe...



Durian! p/s: JanJan hate durians >.<

Not sure where's this...

Jason the King of Zombies! Scary....

Scary 2.0! 

Day 3 was basically normal just like other camps! Hehe.... Tired but had fun! 

Pejoy! Only can find me eating during Camps!

Hey Jason and Estee! :)

Closing! The End....

JanJan slept for about 15 hours after that! Hehe... Tired JanJan...... Poor JanJan was rushing completing her assignment after that.... >.<  Have fun they said, you'll not suffer.... Hehe.....

So... Some Sneak Peak for my next post! Why are they kissing JanJan?! No......... Let's wait for the next post for JanJan's College Journey! 

Rachel and Jolene kissing JanJan! :D

Jams, JanJan's going to stop here because JanJan needs to continue her assignment! Bye Guys! Please leave a feedback so that JanJan can improve more! Thanks Jams! :D

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Study Day at Brown Pocket

Hey Guys! I'm back! College is kinda busy making me leak of time to blog and somehow finish my assignment! That's how busy am I, seriously. JanJan spent the whole day in Brown Pocket for completing all the assignment given and deadline is coming soon! Kinda suffer at the beginning and finally almost done! So, how's your day?

Brown Pocket is one of the famous Cafe in Penang! It is located at Penang Gurney Paragon. Ps: I know one of the young bosses ;) This place is a famous spot because lots of Bloggers example JaneChuck and Ms. Kuan visited. Other than that, it is because of the crowd of teenagers likes to choose Brown Pocket as their study spot just like me!

So let me share some of the pictures I got!
Ps: Mostly are the same things in different angles!

Mango and Mixed Berries Yogurt 

Triple Chocolate with Honey Milk

Triple Chocolate Waffle

Vanilla Latte

Brown and Pink? 

Red Valentine

Getting ready to start studying!

Ready to study!

Mixed Berries Yogurt!


My pinkish Red Valentine!! 

Table Number!

So, here's some pictures of the environment (From the internet)!

I guess that's all! Wanna know that if the food taste nice? Drop down and have a try, you'll know after that ;)

Details: Alfresco Area, Level 6, Lot 11, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250, Penang.
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm Daily
Contact Number: 04-2189668
Instagram: Brownpocketcafe

I'm going to stop here! Bye Guys! Please leave a comment so that I can know your feedback! Thank you! :D

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