About Me

Personal Information

Name: Janice Tan
Blog Name:  Evelina Anya / JaniceeeeTan 
Part time Lifestyle, Travel & Personal Blogger 

Base: Singapore
Hometown: Penang, Malaysia

D.O.B: 30th of January 
Height: 162.8cm
Weight: 48.9kg

Former Flight Attendant

Major languages: English and Chinese
Minor languages: Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay.

The Unique Side Of Me

I have Normal Skin Type but sometimes Pimples will come out. My face looks white when apply on BB Cream or Powder.

I have Inner Double Eyelid with a pair of Dark Bright Eyes (That's what my family and friends said). My Mom doesn't like me to put on fake eyelashes and eyeliner because I have long curly eyelashes and it looks like eyeliner. So, usually during applying make up it's only 4 steps. Powder, eyeshadow, Blusher, Lipstick.

I love Shorts, Jeans and T-shirts! That's my style!
I have long black hair. I started to keep it long since 2013 because I have to dance.

A Music Lover. Sing, Playing the Piano and Violin.

A Dance Lover. Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics & Cheerleading. (Love Acting & Traveling too)

A Coach of a team in Penang & A dancer of a club.

I'm a Aquarius Baby :) Adventurous, Outgoing, Active, Caring and Cheerful Person. (Everyone said I have a beautiful smile)

I might look Proud & Cool before you know me but after you became friends with me, you'll see the crazy and childish side of me.
PS: Some people said that I'm proud because of the award I got for my Rhythmic Gymnastics & Running. But, I'm not! I'm only good in my school! There's still lots of things I need to learn.

Other than that, I am a student at Kaplan Singapore ;)

My Interests 

I love to Blog, Sing, Dance, Travel, Read & Shop!
I love almost everything in Purple, Pink & Cute! Example: Lavender, Hello Kitty, Poodles and Pandas!

I'm an Ex-Rhythmic Gymnastics Gymnasts under Penang Sports Council.
An Ex-Runner in school & under Penang Sports Council. I kinda miss training after I quit but I know there's a Brand New Life ahead!

The History & Reason I Started Blogging

I have 4 years of Blogging Experience since 2012 when I was 16.

I started blogging because of the inspiration of Jane Chuck! Me and my besties started blogging since that day! :D I'm now currently learning how to improve my Blog not only the posts I post but also the Design of my Blog! This blog also record the best memories I have since I started blogging! My Blog Has Become A Part Of My Life Now! Blogging is fun so I become a Part Time Blogger :D

About My Blog

I blog in English because I don't really know how to write and read chinese

I'm using my I-phone 6 plus & DSLR Canon 700D for my Blog Pictures & Instagram.

I usually blogs about my Personal Lifestyle, Flying Life, Food, Travel & Friends.

Thanks for reading About Me :)

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor :)

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