Sunday, May 17, 2015

Study Day at Brown Pocket

Hey Guys! I'm back! College is kinda busy making me leak of time to blog and somehow finish my assignment! That's how busy am I, seriously. JanJan spent the whole day in Brown Pocket for completing all the assignment given and deadline is coming soon! Kinda suffer at the beginning and finally almost done! So, how's your day?

Brown Pocket is one of the famous Cafe in Penang! It is located at Penang Gurney Paragon. Ps: I know one of the young bosses ;) This place is a famous spot because lots of Bloggers example JaneChuck and Ms. Kuan visited. Other than that, it is because of the crowd of teenagers likes to choose Brown Pocket as their study spot just like me!

So let me share some of the pictures I got!
Ps: Mostly are the same things in different angles!

Mango and Mixed Berries Yogurt 

Triple Chocolate with Honey Milk

Triple Chocolate Waffle

Vanilla Latte

Brown and Pink? 

Red Valentine

Getting ready to start studying!

Ready to study!

Mixed Berries Yogurt!


My pinkish Red Valentine!! 

Table Number!

So, here's some pictures of the environment (From the internet)!

I guess that's all! Wanna know that if the food taste nice? Drop down and have a try, you'll know after that ;)

Details: Alfresco Area, Level 6, Lot 11, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250, Penang.
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm Daily
Contact Number: 04-2189668
Instagram: Brownpocketcafe

I'm going to stop here! Bye Guys! Please leave a comment so that I can know your feedback! Thank you! :D

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  1. nice image , be positive always so do our God , he loves what u do , and so do i :)

  2. LOL, well since this is a long way from Canada I will not be able to drop in and try it out so I will assume it all tastes great. The photos were great and they will have to suffice.

  3. Too bad Manila's too far away, I would love to visit Brown Pocket and sample their offerings. They look great, so I'm wondering if they deliver on taste too! Study hard!

  4. Desserts and coffee at its best! Lots of coffee businesses are sprouting in the city nowadays and their product lines...great!

  5. This looks like a really nice cafe to hang out at! Would love to just chill or maybe do some blogging in a cafe like this. :D The ambiance seems nice, and the waffles and yogurts look really delish! <3

  6. Looks fantastic. Where is Penang exactly? Is it far from KL? I'd be there sometime August, and would love to have my tastebuds touch one of these. :D

  7. Study day pun can be so nice.. With so many yummy fruits.. Happy studying!

  8. I haven't been to Penang. Maybe will find a chance to catch up with you if I ever go there. I want to try that waffles~

  9. I don’t think I can study well with those desserts in front of me. Kidding aside, the presentation looks amazing. I’d like to try that someday.

  10. I've always wondered how they did their vanilla latte like that. This looks like a great place to have breakfast at.

  11. I see why it's a nice place to study. They seem to have a great food selection + coffee + and some outdoor seating with a view.

  12. I would love to visit Brown Pocket Cafe when I visit Penang. -KarenT

  13. Those desserts are divine. Nice place to study. Those desserts will keep you awake though, sugar rush!

  14. Nice offerings they have, and your photos are very attractive. Of the original ASEAN countries, I have not been to Malaysia yet though.

  15. Definitely, I'll visit this Brown Pocket Cafe Penang the next trip I'll have. Love the Triple Chocolate Waffle

  16. Your photos are enough to put on lot of weight and calories.. Not sure if i will visit there and stuffing myself with it.

  17. I really love how fancy the food is! I wish we had this in Manila and I would probably study here all the time! :D

  18. I had a good laugh reading this post. You were getting ready to study but those delicious looking treats kept getting in the way. I know the feeling. Haha! :-)

  19. Oh those lovely food pictures are making me hungry right now....!
    I know exactly how you feel... eat or study for you. Right this moment, it's either eat or sleep. Both sounds good >.<

  20. I like ice cream waffles and berry yogurt looks delicious. The Brown Pocket is quite good and cozy.

  21. Looks lovely! But I think if I am in penang I'd be too stuffed from the hawker food on my eat list to venture into a cafe 😂😂😂

  22. Hi Janice, first time visits your blog here ^^ Very lively blog you have there! Now I feel like going to try this Brown Pocket Cafe you're talking about when I happens to be in Penang! ^^

  23. I m crazy of waffles but hardly find any with good texture.. crunchy and tasty. Thanks for sharing on this Brown Pocket Cafe