Saturday, November 5, 2016

Signing Off For The Last Time

Hey Gems! It has been a long time since I last Blogged! How's everything going on? Any new stories to share? For me, I'm a Former Cabin Crew now. Resigned my job as a Cabin Crew o the 5th of August 2016 to continue my studies because I found out that I'm really to young to work full time! At least to study for about 2 more years will do!

Being a Cabin Crew is always my dream, but I think studies is more important to me now. I regret I stopped my studies back in INTI College Penang. But it has passed, so now it's going to be a new start.

During the past 1 year, I used to think about the path I'm walking. Being a crew is fun because you could travel to lots of places but actually, it's quite lonely. As a young Cabin Crew, I've cried in the lavatory (Aircraft Washroom) for multiple times as I'm still not used to on board. Life isn't easy as a Cabin Crew because of the flight time, stressed and tiredness you'll have. 

Being a Scootee is fun! After a month I feel that I'm much more comfortable onboard! And I look forward for more and more flights! I met lots of passengers and crew, I've listened to different family, travelling stories. Friendly passengers that gave us gifts and food. 

Stepping into the 3rd month after flying, I missed flying so much! But life goes on! Maybe this is going to be the last post taking about Cabin Crew at the moment. Let's see what will happen after my studies 2-3 years later!

So, I'm going to stop here :) Hope you guys enjoy this post! See you guys soon! Leave a comment below ;)

JaniceeeeTan (JanJan) <3

Monday, April 4, 2016

Dream Start!

Hey Jems! It has been about a year since my last update! Well..... I've lots of excuses for not updating my blog.... Hmm, this time I'll really try not to "MIA" But today I would like to announce a good news! Jems who are following/reading my blog since I started blogging will know that my dream is to be a Cabin Crew aka Flight Attendant and I've actually tried numerous of times for interviews. Today, I would like to say that... I'm officially a Cabin Crew! But in this blog, I will not post any pictures/photos with uniform. But you can still find the photos in uniform at these two Facebook Page & Personal Account (Diary Of A Cabin Crew) & (Janice Min

Sunset during CF Camp

Actually I was shocked when I got into this airline as I thought that I won't be able to get an airline with this height and also age! I got in! Which is only less that 1 month since the day I submit my resume and cover letter! I remembered that day when I submit the e-mail, it's actually the last day of College Semester 2! After a few days, I received e-mails for online assessments. I thought I won't get in but I was lucky to get myself a spot for their interview (Only for Shortlisted candidates). And after the interview, I'm actually quite calm that I could still have my afternoon nap while the finalist is not even out! To be honest, I still thought I won't get it! But when I woke up, I opened my e-mail, I saw "Thank you for attending the interview" and so.... And after that "Congratulations" I was like... Wow! Are you serious?! That was how I got into this airline. 

(Feel free to ask me questions about interview, requirements and etc! Only though e-mail or Facebook PM)

The prayers came true!

I sent the e-mail during July, interview in the start of August & started training in September which make me busy and unable to blog until today. I have been flying for 6 months since my first solo on the 8th of November and also don't forget my 2 months of training! I got my dreams but hmm... No blogging for so long. Why? Because I found out that SLEEP is more important that my blog... (Sorry to say that... Hahaxxxx) ^@^ 

A happy girl which finally catches her dreams.

Before I stared my journey in Singapore, I traveled 2 times from Penang to Singapore because I need to settle important documents before I could base in Singapore. 

Finally, the last time "Good Bye SG as a Tourist

Coffee time before I lose my chance relexing

Yay! Finally I made it!

Going back to Penang with my dream job!

Huh? Good Bye Mass Comm!

Since I started flying, I've been to Australia, China, Bangkok, Japan and Korea! Almost all the destination that my company have. Too bad that Hong Kong and Taiwan are only for Turnaround and transit. I found out the world is actually very big and waiting for me to explore. I want to travel farther and also longer because I really love flying. 

Gold Coast view from my Hotel Room

Aguas Fairy Land, Sydney

The first day I reach Singapore to start my Dream

Me after grooming class (Not my look now)

Jumpsuit? (During Training)

Hey Baby!! (During Training)

Hey! I'm going back Home!

Ready to go back to Singapore from Korea!

Korea's Cafe


Virgin nails! Fist Gel and also patterned nails 

Hi from Melbourne!

Narita's Cherry Blossom?

Kimono from Osaka!

Gold Coast Beach!

Ice-Cream from Penang, Malaysia!

Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok!

Last reunion dinner with Grandpa.....

Good to be back in Penang, Malayisa! My Hometown!

Anyways..... Last news before I stop! Guess what? JanJan's Boyfriend! Yes! I'm 20! But here is my boyfriend! Hehe.... We will be having our First Anniversary on the 25th of May, which is next month! Information about him.... His name is Ace,21, Cabin Crew and also a Dota player! He might look cool but not to me! PS: He smiles wherever I'm around! 

Me & Him! Our 3rd month together

Our 4th/5th month together.

I hope you guys love my post! Hope to see you guys soon! Remember to leave a comment below for me to improve more :) Bye Guys!

JanJan (JaniceeeeTan)